About Us

Women in Business makes me positive for the future and I feel more confident every week I come to meetings. This club is full of motivation I can use to help me grow. Also I’m making more friends… yay!
-WIB member Francesca Romaniello

Women in Business strives to promote the success of our members in the workplace and throughout their college experience. We share our tips, advice, and personal experiences so that our members achieve success both professionally and in their daily lives. Some of our meetings address important questions like: How do I set up my LinkedIn? How do I rock an interview? What exactly is the difference between business casual and business professional? We welcome anyone who shares our goals and commitment to recruiting and promoting women in the business field and in other career paths.

Ask any of our members and they’ll remark on how much this club feels like a family. We are always building bonds with one another, whether it is through our Big/Little program, attending workshops together, or simply seeing each other at weekly meetings. We aspire to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for all to participate in and enjoy.