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Health and Wellness on Campus: Easy ways to Improve your Mood and Relieve Stress

We all know it’s hard to keep a balanced life during college. When your schedule becomes overloaded, its easy to let stress get the best of you. However, living a healthy and balanced life in college can be easy! Here are some real-life tips from WIB Web + Blog committee members about how they incorporate healthy practices into their lives.

“College isn’t a piece of cake. The coursework can be draining, both mentally and physically. Planning for the future can be very overwhelming, so many of us tend to indulge in self-destructing activities like overworking, overeating, substituting coffee for sleep etc. I think the key to a healthy life while in college is knowing how to cope with stress. I would recommend checking out the mindfulness program which is offered to all TCNJ students for free. Mindfulness helps you identify the automatic reaction you have to everything that happens and can help change that into a more accepting and understanding response that will improve your mental health.” -Aiste Srogyte

“Our college course loads can definitely be draining on our wellbeing. I think it’s important to give ourselves a break every once in a while. What I like to do when everything is stressing me out is to take a walk around campus. A breath of fresh air from time to time helps me clear my mind and take me away from everything that’s bothering me. There’s other things you can do like watch a funny video, have a quick, silly chat with your friends, or a take a short nap. All of these things gives my mind a rest and helps me relax mentally.” – Cindy Nguyen

“In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do is to know yourself and your limits. Often, people will overload themselves and as a result, they are stressed and overwhelmed. You know yourself best, and you know how much you can or cannot handle. Go by that. Don’t take 7 classes when you know you can only handle 4 or 5. Don’t sign yourself up for an 8 AM when you know you usually don’t wake up until 9:30. When I have a long day of class, homework, and other activities ahead of me, I like to start my day by getting breakfast, and taking a quick walk around campus while listening to music. The fresh air clears my brain and I am refreshed and energized to start working once I get back to my dorm!” – Emily Lai

“When your schedule starts to fill up, it’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed. To clear my head, I always make time for physical activity, whether it be taking a fitness class or going the gym. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which improve your mood. I always feel more alert and refreshed afterwards, and it puts me in the perfect condition to get started on accomplishing my tasks.” –Olivia Knutson

“Staying healthy, physically and mentally, is one of the most important parts about having a good college experience. There are many little changes you can make that can make a big impact on your lifestyle. This can be things like taking the stairs every once in a while or skipping dessert and getting fruit instead. Also, it means knowing your limits. Take breaks and let your mind breathe because in the end, that is the best way to absorb as much information as you can and actually allow you to remember it.”-Jessica Fidel

“Let’s be real, college is stressful.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Amidst all the classes, homework, and exams, one thing helps me maintain my sanity: my friends.  As busy as I get, making sure to spend time with my closest friends helps me destress when I’m overwhelmed with the struggles college brings.  So, my tip to you is to surround yourself with positive people. You’re all experiencing this stressful time together, so having each other as a support group can work wonders for your overall wellness.  While your academic life is important, your social life is important, too.” – Christina Van Treuren


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