Tips and Tricks for Success!

7 Tips from College Students to make Studying Simple

By the WIB Web + Blog Committee

Have a major test coming up and don’t even know where to start? These 7 real-life tips from members of the Web + Blog Committee will help you be at your best for exam day.

“Studying for exams with chapters’ worth of information always seems overwhelming.  Break up the material by putting vocab and important topics onto index cards. Shuffling through index cards is a lot easier on the eyes than staring at tiny, condensed textbook font.  It also makes it easier to to figure out the material you’re really struggling with if you put the answers you don’t know into their own pile and focus on those.” – Christina Van Treuren

“Whenever I need to study for a big test or exam, I like to set little goals for myself along the way. For example, I’ll give myself a certain amount of time to review a certain amount of material, then I’ll let myself have a snack or a 5-minute break. It helps me to stay motivated and it breaks up the amount of time you’re studying to make it more do-able! Another thing I like to do is ask others, such as a friend or family member, to keep me accountable. Maybe I’ll have my sister text me once in a while to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, or I’ll have my friend check in on me while I’m studying to make sure I’m stayed focused!” – Emily Lai

“Study the material a couple of days in advance, just in case you have any questions. Then, ask your professor any questions you have; going to office hours can really benefit your studying experience. If you’re a visual learner, highlight the significant terms to make them pop!” -Nicole Cena

“If you’re studying for a class that requires a lot of memorization, what I like to do is make practice quizzes. I make them multiple choice, fill in the blanks, short answers, etc. It’s a fun, no pressure sort of studying activity that helps me remember more.” – Cindy Nguyen

“If you’re studying for a class that is vocab-based, Quizlet is your best bet. Do a quick google search of the class name (Ex. MKT 201) and chances are there is already a study set out there! If you have an account, you can make a copy of the set, this lets you add vocab that the creator didn’t add or delete any terms that you don’t actually need to study. My favorite part of Quizlet is the “Match” game, it’s fun to compete against my own scores- it doesn’t even feel like I’m studying!” –Olivia Knutson

When studying I find it easiest to find a place where you will have no distractions. Either my room when my roommate isn’t there or the library are great places to go. Also, to keep myself from getting distracted I put my phone on silent. Lastly, in order to keep myself motivated I let myself take a short break after every task so that I’m able to continue to focus and make the most out of my study time” Jessica Fidel

“Whenever I’m nervous for a big test or exam, I like to sit down in a quiet place with some of my favorite snacks and get to work. Flashcards are always helpful, and if you have someone to quiz you, that works great! Stay motivated and on track by taking short breaks so you don’t get overwhelmed. I like to play a little game when I’m studying vocabulary. I quiz myself on the terms, and if I get three correct in a row, I eat a spoonful of my favorite ice cream. It really keeps me motivated and studying doesn’t even seem that bad when you’re eating ice cream!” – Kalli Colacino


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